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Our Vision

The vision of New Horizons Worship Center-Global Ministries is to set ablaze the Nations with the love of Christ.

This is accomplished through:                      

1.  The preaching of the Word of God,
2.  Reaching out to the community and the world,
3.  Baptizing people in the Holy Spirit with speaking in tongues,
4.  Great worship and Christian fellowship,
5.  Challenging the people of God to live for the Lord
6.  Allowing the Holy Spirit to move,
7.  Experiencing the demonstration of the Word of God

The local target area of New Horizons Worship Center and Global Ministries’ is Pasco & Hernando counties.  Our Global vision is to reach the Nations. The church is present to bring a balanced, charismatic, contemporary, and loving ministry to the community and reaching all the Nations.

Our vision is to reach the lost and un-churched people locally and throughout the world. We seek to strengthen the Christian and train leaders through the teaching of the Word, outreach ministries and team leadership. We desire to demonstrate God's grace, acceptance, power and love by caring for people.

Our celebration and worship services are “come as you are”, with convenient service times so that all may feel welcome.